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Diplomatic Sales

Supporter of representative your role for nation

BMW diplomatic sales program is designed for those who make an huge effort for world harmony. As an advocate of your nation, every single step you make is meaningful and you deserve respect from BMW. BMW diplomatic sales program is willing to show you the admiration by offering superior benefits and special care as you perform significant role overseas. Even when you are done in Korea, you can still take your full range built BMW wherever you go and keep feeling its dynamic driving pleasure. Please let BMW be your companion of your honorable foot steps as a supporter.


The benefits of BMW Diplomatic Sales are available exclusively for diplomats and employees of international organizations,
who move to a new diplomatic posting every three years.
*This program is not available to diplomats residing in the USA. Please contact us for further information.

  • button To confirm your status as a diplomat, we require one of the following:

    • Diplomatic passport from the Foreign Ministry with accreditation certificate from the host country
    • Official passport issued by the Foreign Ministry with accreditation certificate from the host country
    • Laisser-passer / official passport from the US or associated organization
    • Ministerial passport
    • NATO ID Card or service passport
  • button Institutions entitled to participate in the BMW Diplomatic Sales program:

    • Main organization with its departments and offices
    • Specialist agencies and institutions, e.g. ILO, UNESCO, ITU
    • World Bank Group (IBRD) and IMF
    • European Commission, European Parliament, European Court
    • Their executive bodies and institutions, e.g. ECB, ESC, EPO
    • Their agencies, e.g. EMEA, Europol
    Internationally-coordinated organizations:
    • NATO
    • OECD
    • ESA
    • WEU
    • Council of Europe
    Other international organizations, e.g.:
    • CERN
    • Interpol
    • OSCE
    • GTZ (German Association for Technical Cooperation)

A service tailored to your needs

We demonstrate our strong commitment to personal service and advice. If we understand your requirements down to the last detail, we are in a position to prepare an appropriate individual package for you. *Among the numerous advantages are;

  • Special conditions and tax benefits as a diplomat
  • Personal customer care from BMW worldwide network of dealers and the BMW Diplomatic Sales Team
  • The full range of BMW vehicles tailored to your individual needs
  • Order and delivery to almost every country on earth
  • Worldwide service and a two-year warranty regardless of mileage (excluding the replace of worn parts)
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